Sustainable Development Management

Materiality Assessment
-Materiality Matrix

In order to further understand the key concerns of stakeholders and effectively manage and report issues that have a significant impact on both the Group and its stakeholders, the Group continued to carry out materiality assessment during the Reporting Period.

-Issues of Materiality Matrix
The Group examined the materiality of each issue based on two dimensions, namely “the degree of impact on CMPort” and “the degree of impact on stakeholders”. Issues scored half or more on both dimensions were considered to be the 1st tier material issues. 6 issues in the environmental aspect, 3 issues in the social aspect and 6 issues in the operational aspect were identified as 1st tier issues respectively.

Stakeholders Engagement

The support of stakeholders is an important cornerstone for the Group to achieve its sustainable development goals. The Group has been maintaining good communication with stakeholders through various channels to fully understand their concerns and expectations, and taking into account stakeholders’ opinions in the daily operations and decision-making process of the Group, with a view to continuously improving the sustainable development management and performance of the Group.