Sustainable Development Management

Sustainable development is at the core of the Group’s business philosophy. The Group continues to strengthen sustainable development management, integrate sustainable development strategies into business operations, strive to achieve value sharing and win-win results, and continue to promote the construction of world-class green and smart ports.      

ESG management system graph
The Group established an ESG management system graph and further integrated ESG ecosystem with daily operation and implementation into all aspects of management, striving to improve the overall management level and sustainable development capability.

Three-Level ESG Governance Structure

The Group firmly believes that sound corporate governance and effective ESG governance are important safeguards for realizing its corporate vision and mission and achieving sustainable development. The Group established a three-level ESG governance structure consisting of the Board level, management level and execution level, improving the ESG management policies and strategies and promoting the fulfillment of key ESG tasks, thus laying a solid foundation for sustainable development.

ESG Management Manual

The Group has revised and released the ESG Management Manual. As the implementation basis and guideline for the internal ESG work, the revised edition clearly defines the Group’s short-term, medium-term and long-term key ESG objectives and tasks, stipulates dynamic updates on the topics of ESG management, and fine-tunes the ESG governance mechanism and responsibilities of each level, to make our ESG management work more institutionalized, standardized and systematic, and to ensure the orderly implementation of ESG work.
ESG Management Manual(PDF)


ESG Policy and Statement

Through the development and publication of ESG policies, we showed our strong determination of sustainable development to all stakeholders.


-    Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery Policies (PDF)  

Code of Business Conduct (PDF)

-    Ecological and Environmental Protection Policy Statement (PDF)

-    Human Rights Policy Commitment (PDF)

-    Occupational Health and Safety Statement (PDF)

-    Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)