ESG Strategies

Chairman's Statement
As we ring into the year 2022, a new chapter is unfolding before us. The year 2021 marked a milestone in the history of the Party and the country as a critical juncture where the timeframes of its two centenary goals converged. For CMPort, it was also a crucial year in our drive to develop into a world-leading port company. In this year, we fully implemented the new development philosophy, resolutely adapted to and served the new development paradigm, and made headway in high-quality development. We made steady progress toward the goal of becoming a world-leading integrated port service provider and kept forging ahead against all difficulties in the journey of building a modern socialist China in all respects.
CMPort has advanced the study of the Party history via the Seven Hundreds campaign, and “Serve the People with Concrete Action” campaign, and organized grand celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party. Facing a severe and complicated pandemic situation, we have acted prudently from beginning to end. CMPort has thoroughly implemented President Xi Jinping’s instructions on ecological conservation and actively contributed to the national goals of carbon peak and neutrality by building green ports. CMPort works to improve employment, education, and medical care in project areas, and contributes to building a community with a shared future for mankind. We recruit people with different talents from across the world, and create sound development channels and growth platforms for employees.
The past is a prologue to the future, and we will seize every minute to set sail again and break waves. The goal of “becoming a world-leading integrated port service provider” written in our grand blueprint is to be accomplished. Working together, we will make further strides toward high-quality development in a decisive manner, contribute more to economic and social development at home and abroad and open a more glorious chapter to the history of the time-honored CMG.

Sustainable Development Concept Framework

Adhering to the principle of sustainable development, the Group establishes its sustainable development concept framework with responsible corporate mission, vision, core values, philosophy, and corporate spirit, strives to achieve value sharing and mutual benefit, as well as promoting a healthy, sustainable, stable and harmonious development of the society.
Our Mission:We connect the world
Our Vision:To be a world’s leading comprehensive port service provider
Our Core Value:To achieve mutual benefits through self-improvement and collaboration
Our Guidelines:
Three Principles
-Services-oriented with a focus on integrity and stability
-Efficient execution through collaborative efforts
-Integration of theory and practice with strong commitment
Eight Reminders
-Being attentive at work
-Being responsible
-Being eager to learn
-Being innovative
-Being disciplined and value effectiveness
-Being self-respectful and self-disciplined
-Being collaborative in seeking development
-Being united in seeking self-improvement

ESG Strategies

The Group is committed to becoming a world-leading green and smart integrated service provider, a leader in the port industry with green and low-carbon development, safety and reliability, innovation and development, and caring for people at its core, and a promoter of sustainable development. The Group continuously creates economic, social and environmental values for stakeholders and communities wherever it operates around the world and jointly builds a sustainable development ecosystem with partners in supply chain.

Policies and Statements

Policy Statement of Ecological and Environmental Protection: We strive to implement the vision of building a green and ecological port, strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations on ecological and environmental protection, and attach great importance to reducing the impacts of business operations on the ecological environment and natural resources. We commit to use energy, water resources and other natural resources in a more responsible manner, reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, waste gases, wastewater and other waste, conserve natural resources and biodiversity, continuously reduce the negative effects of our activities on the surrounding ecological environment, and actively protect and restore the ecological environment that has been affected.

Statement of Code of Business Ethics: We comply with local laws and regulations in all the industries we operate in, and attach importance to the impacts of business ethics on our company and our stakeholders. While abiding by the code of business ethics regulated by China Securities Regulatory Commission, we promise to actively manage our business behaviors and disclose our achievements in business ethics management openly and fully, subject ourself to supervision by the public, and strive to become the role model of honest business in port industry.

Occupational Health and Safety: We adhere to the development philosophy of "people-oriented, life first, and people first" and implement the policy of "safety first, prevention-oriented and comprehensive management". We promise to continuously manage and control safety production risks, carry out inspection and supervision, forestall major safety risks from the source, actively organize safety production education training, and summarize and promote the experiences of safety management in production. We has carried out safety standardization in accordance with laws and regulations at home and abroad, and accelerated the certification work of ISO 45001 and other health and safety systems among all subsidiaries. We has also carried out occupational health management work and been dedicated to providing a healthy and safe working environment for our employees and suppliers. We continuously improve our occupational health management to make sure our corporate behaviors contribute to the health and safety of humans, the environment and the communities where we operate in.

Supplier Code of Conduct: We comply with local laws and regulations in all the industries we operate in, and attach great importance to the legal compliance in supply chain management. We encourage all suppliers to conduct business in a manner consistent with business ethics. We require our suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, the requirements of the China Merchants Port Supplier Code of Conduct (《招商港口供应商行为准则》) and all contractual obligations.

Human Rights Policy Commitment: We firmly believe that protecting human rights is the foundation of enterprise's sustainable development, and we will do our best to safeguard the fundamental human rights of employees and stakeholders in the supply chain to ensure a workplace with equality and diversity and free from bullying and discrimination. Besides, we prohibit the use of child labor and forced labor, guarantee employees' salaries and benefits, respect their political rights and demands and protect their privacy rights.

Statement on Whistleblower Protection: We promise that the identity information of the whistleblowers will be kept strictly confidential. During the real-name reporting investigations, we will strictly limit the scope of insiders and the personal information of whistleblowers will not appear in the relevant documents and reports.

-    Code of Business Conduct (PDF)  

-    Ecological and Environmental Protection Policy Statement (PDF)

-    Human Rights Policy Commitment (PDF)

-    Occupational Health and Safety Statement (PDF)

-    Sunshine Procurement Principle (PDF)

-    Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)