Green Projects

At CMPort, we embrace our corporate responsibility to protect and balance the needs of the environment and local communities with the development of our business operations. We believe that by creating a passionate awareness within our work force, we can make the necessary changes to improve the quality of our environment.


CMPort’s environmental policy incorporates a solid framework for the reduction of our carbon footprint, sustainable development and participation of all our stakeholders.

  • China Merchants Port to ensure that the terminal facilities and logistics park, a subsidiary of can meet the requirements of all in the home, also a balance in the environment and the profit growth. The company promises to reduce carbon footprint, and more widely used alternative energy, to improve the air quality and make the environment sustainable development.

  • China Merchants Port is now plans to implement a large raise environmental cognition, spread to the company's business partners and community environmental protection spirit. The company will not only invited local and central government to participate in activities, the industry and international institutions will also be invited to participate in.

  • Participate in the China Merchants Port main business unit has a complete training, to perform highly positive ISO 14001 management system, the system is pointed out that in all the effects of operating activities for the environment. The company regularly inspection plan, also please outside company to audit, to improve our environmental goals and sustainable development policy.

  • China Merchants Port actively to perform corporate responsibility to protect and balance the needs of the environment and the local community and commercial development. The company believes that improve staff earnest attention to the environment, can effectively improve the environment.

 "Green is Not Just a Color" represents CMHI’s  commitment to provide industry leadership in environmental performance,  responsibility and continuous improvement. This initiative forms the foundation  of our environmental  policy which incorporates sustainable development, awareness, monitoring and  reporting into an accredited ISO 14000 Environmental Management  System.

The initiative has established an open platform to engage local and  international governments, organisations, ports and committees to participate in  our environmental program.

"Green is Not Just a Color" is being extensively promoted throughout our major terminals to increase environmental awareness amongst all our stakeholders. Click on the links below to view promotion material for our green vision.


Behind a successful environmental awareness policy is a sophisticated management system that incorporates sustainable development and environmental protection into the very core of business operations. At CMHI, our core business units are creating this system.

Shekou Container Terminals Ltd (SCT), our 4.5 million TEU facility in Western Shenzhen, has led the way in establishing an ISO 14000 accredited Environmental Management System that completely absorbs best practice principles for monitoring environmental performance and responsibility. SCT is proud to hold the status of being the first marine terminal in China to gain ISO 14000 recognition for its environmental achievements. Since its ISO award in August 2008, SCT has gone on to deliver the conversion of 80 per cent of its RTGs (Rubber Tyre Gantries) from diesel power to electricity (eRTG project) and reduce its RTG emissions by 90 per cent.

Chiwan Container Terminal (CCT), one of the largest terminals in Shenzhen, is well into the development of its ‘Green Terminal’ initiative and is due to gain ISO 14000 accreditation in September 2009. CCT has gained rapid development in its eRTG project and is one of the only terminals in China to self-develop and engineer its own ‘Oil to Electricity’ RTG installation. This technology is the first of its kind within the terminal environment and incorporates off-circuit overhead DC installations. By the end of 2009, CCT plans to complete the conversion of all of its RTGs from diesel to electric power and eliminate emissions from RTG operations.

CMPort and its marine terminals are actively pursuing opportunities to expand our Green Terminal network and facilities. We are working closely with shipping lines and logistics providers to establish best practices for environmental performance and improve the carbon footprint of the global supply chain.


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