Environmental management system

The leading team for Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection was set up to take full charge of the energy conservation and environmental protection work, with CEO of the Company as the leader, General Manager of the Company as the co-leader, and principal leaders of the headquarters and subsidiaries as the members. The responsibilities of the leading team include: responsible for overall energy conservation and environmental protection; implementing applicable laws, regulations, policies, and standards; establishing a sound energy conservation and environmental protection management system and policies; coordinating, planning and establishing a sound, scientific and standardized organizational structure for energy conservation and environmental protection, and mechanisms for statistical monitoring, performance evaluation, and incentives and punishments; effectively fulfilling corporate social responsibilities; deploying energy conservation and environmental protection work and formulating opinions and deliberating major issues related to energy conservation and environmental protection.

Sustainability governance framework

“5+2+2+1”actions of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality

The Group actively responds to China’s low-carbon development and energy conservation policy, and has set its emissions reduction targets and drawn up its action plans with “Carbon Reduction” as an important strategic direction. We coordinate the “5+2+2+1” actions, i.e., 5 carbon reduction actions, 2 community service actions, 2 low-carbon management actions and 1 green investment action, to help the Group achieve Carbon Peak in 2028 and Carbon Neutrality in 2060, build it into a model of green and low-carbon development.