Training purpose

    Let new employees understand the company can offer to his working situation and the company expected of him. Let new employees understand company's history, policy, enterprise culture, and reduce the tension when at the beginning of the new employees into the company, to make it faster to adapt to the company to make new employees feel welcome to him, let new employees understand the sense of belonging Make the new employees understand their work duties, strengthen the relationship between the colleague training new employees the ability to solve the problem and provide method for help.

    Effective training

    1, attaches great importance to the training needs analysis. This process is to determine the training objectives and design training plan, training and assessment of the standard and basis.

    2, the strict examination, to pay attention to the effect. Through the evaluation of training effect, we can get the following information: the training timely information, the purpose of the training set reasonable or not in terms of information, training content and the form of information, teaching material and teacher selected aspects and so on.