CMPort Launches Talent Training Program and Rural Education Public Welfare Project Concurrently under C-Blue



Release time:2023-03-18



CMPort Launches Talent Training Program and Rural Education Public Welfare Project Concurrently under C-Blue


    Today, ESG has gradually become a new benchmark for measuring the sustainable development of enterprises. In recent years, China Merchants Port Group Co., Ltd. (CMPort) has actively promoted ESG practices to achieve sustainable development and fulfilled its social responsibilities in personnel training, cultural integration, green transformation, and rural revitalization.


    Relying on its network across six continents around the world and its team of volunteers, CMPort has created the "C-Blue" public welfare brand, establishing a globally integrated Public Welfare System, known as the “C-Blue Global Philanthropic Mission”, through continuous development of public welfare activities and volunteer projects at home and abroad. On March 16, the C-Blue Training Program and the C-Blue Rural Education Public Welfare Project were launched simultaneously as key projects.

China Merchants C-Blue & Global Sustainable Transport Talents Training Program Successfully Opens


    The 2023 China Merchants C-Blue & Global Sustainable Transport Talents Training Program was successfully launched at the China Merchants Port Plaza in Shenzhen. 38 youth talents from the transportation industry in 22 countries gathered in the Chinese metropolis to start their collective dream journey.

    The project is funded and initiated by China Merchants Foundation (CMF), co-organized by CMPort and the Management Cadre Academy of the Ministry of Transport, and jointly carried out by Dalian Maritime University, Chang'an University, Southwest Transportation University, Shanghai Maritime University and Xiamen University. Wang Xiufeng, CEO of CMPort, Huang Yi, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of CMF, and Yan Hong, Deputy Dean of the Management Cadre Academy of the Ministry of Transport, attended the opening ceremony and issued certificates to the C-Blue course instructors. The ceremony was hosted by CMPort Deputy General Manager Vincent Lu.

    Wang Xiufeng said in his speech that the spirit represented by young people is the spirit of the times, and the character represented by youth is the character of the times. Peace, friendship, and cooperative development are the main themes of the world, and green, low-carbon, and technological innovation are the key factors to promote social progress. CMPort provides an exchange and learning platform for young talents around the world, empowers green development through technological innovation, and promotes cultural exchange and integration. In the future, it will continue to "shape blue dreams" alongside aspiring young people all over the world and make greater contributions to the international transportation industry.

    CMF is committed to providing motivated people with an upward ladder and realizing the beautiful vision of "everyone enjoying the progress of the times". Huang Yi said that C-Blue aims to create a platform for sharing and co-creation for port and shipping talents from all over the world and promote cultural exchange and experience sharing. Since the project was first launched in 2016, a total of 266 students from 46 countries have joined the C-Blue family, where everyone learns from each other and grows together. She encouraged current trainees to cherish this training opportunity, keep an open mind and actively participate in various course activities; she also challenged them to read more, listen more, ask more questions, and bring back with them China's development concepts as well as experience, so that they could contribute to the development of their own countries and promote mutual trust and friendship among peoples across the globe.

    Yan Hong said that China's large-scale comprehensive transportation system with smooth internal and external connections has effectively supported the country’s operation as the world's second largest economy and the world's largest trader of goods, ensuring the stability of the global industrial chain and supply chain and making transportation a key driver of the Chinese modernization model. She hopes that the trainees can take advantage of this opportunity to learn more, travel more and see more, so as to better experience the achievements and lessons of China's transportation development in the new era.

    The opening ceremony also specially invited Hija Raphael, a Tanzanian student from the 2016 C-Blue Training Program, to share his story of pursuing his dream and starting a business in China and describe the gains as well as changes that C-Blue had brought him through his personal experience.

    The successful launch of the 10th C-Blue Training Program has demonstrated to the world China Merchants Group's devotion to its corporate mission to "Lead the Times with Business Success". The C-Blue Training Program continues to promote exchanges and interactions among professionals in the global port and shipping industry, injecting endless "China Merchants Power" into the economic development and social progress of countries around the world.

    Liu Shaoman, director of the International Student Education Center of Dalian Maritime University, Zhang Wei, dean of the International Education College of Chang'an University, Ma Lei, director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Southwest Transportation University, and relevant leaders from China Merchants Industry, China Merchants Shekou, and China Merchants Venture attended the opening ceremony.

C-Blue Rural Education Public Welfare Project & Lianping Growth Camp Successfully Launched

    The 2023 CMPort C-Blue Rural Education Public Welfare Project & Lianping Growth Camp was launched at Panshi Primary School, Dahu Town, Lianping County, Heyuan, Guangdong. This event is funded by CMF, co-organized by Shenzhen Nanshan Charity Association and CMPort, and jointly carried out by the Tencent Party Committee. Zeng Yong, Secretary of the CMPort Disciplinary Committee, Rao Honglei, President of Shenzhen Nanshan Charity Association, and relevant leaders from the Lianping County Government, CMF, and the Tencent Party Committee attended the launching ceremony. Zeng Yong and Rao Honglei delivered speeches for the launching ceremony respectively.

    In his speech, Zeng Yong said that since 2015, CMPort's C-Blue volunteer team has been deeply involved in the field of child support to help children grow. Over the past eight years, the project’s focus has been expanded from horizon broadening and parent-child activities to material assistance, spiritual inspiration, growth education, and parent-child relationships, etc. As of 2023, the company has begun to establish a globally integrated public welfare project system at home and abroad called the "C-Blue Global Philanthropic Mission"; through in-depth research on the plight of rural education in China, the team will break through geographical restrictions and upgrade the current models on the basis of field research, integrating standalone projects such as growth camps and summer camps into rural education revitalization projects and igniting young souls with the “sparks” of education.

    Rao Honglei spoke highly of CMPort's active fulfillment of corporate social responsibility and expressed her gratitude to the C-Blue volunteer team for their selfless dedication. She pointed out that Lianping is the main battlefield of the rural revitalization efforts of Nanshan District, Shenzhen. In the future, Nanshan Charity Association will remain obliged to work with more charitable companies like CMPort and make more contributions to the comprehensive revitalization of Lianping Village.

    The C-Blue volunteer team carried out targeted renovations on the two classrooms of Panshi Primary School in the preliminary stage. After several rounds of plan selection and project implementation, the CMPort No. 001 C-Blue Cloud Classroom and No. 005 C-Blue Growth Classroom were officially unveiled. The newly built No. 001 C-Blue cloud classroom relies on advanced multimedia equipment to transfer high-quality courses and resources from the city to the beautiful countryside, helping the school realize the "three forms of classroom teaching". This model will also benefit more schools in rural areas in the future and promote the fair and balanced development of education through the power of science and technology.

    At the launching ceremony, students from Panshi Primary School performed a series of wonderfully self-written programs. During the growth camp, public welfare instructors provided students with special C-Blue courses such as Music, Dance, Sports, Stories, English, Children's Prints, and French language & culture. In addition, Tencent's "Seedling Protection" workstation provided an interesting "Network Security Class" in the C-Blue Growth Classroom, and the students experienced the "Science Experiment Class" in the C-Blue Cloud Classroom.

    Concurrently, the 2023 CMPort C-Blue Rural Education Public Welfare Project - Wuhua Growth Camp was launched at Lian'an Primary School as well as Kongmu Primary School.