Social Responsibilities

In July 2009, CMHI gave support to Hong Kong Red Cross Flag Day 2009. Special arrangement of internal flag bag circulation had been made by CMHI at the Hong Kong headquarters on two consecutive days, 7 July and 8 July, with a view to mobilizing the employees to help the disadvantaged.

On 11 December 2008, CMHI organized a visit to Tai Wo Hau Children's Home, Salvation Army showing care and love to the children.

Between 2007 and 2008, China Merchants Port Service (Shenzhen) and Hempel-Hai Hong (China) organized blood donation campaigns held in Times Plaza and Hai Hong Yantai Factory respectively, creating the power of humanity.

Hempel-Hai Hong (China) sponsored 2007 Qingdao International Yacht Race and 2008 Olympics Championship to promote sport.

In December 2007, Shekou Container Terminals organized a charitable event to donate accessories, helping the disadvantaged minority in Guizhou.

In November 2006, China Merchants International Terminals Co., Ltd, Ningbo Daxie donated over 1,000 clothes to the victims in Guizhou.

In March 2006, China Merchants Port Service (Shenzhen) formed a voluntary team to help the residents in Shekou Huaguoshan Region repairing home appliances free-of-charge.

China Merchants Group subsidized and built a primary school in mainland China, and set up an education-aid-fund for teachers with outstanding performance and students with financial difficulties.

In May 2008, CMHI and its affiliates donated over RMB 2 million dollars for quake-relief-fund in Sichuan Province, China.

On 11 December 2008, CMHI organized a visit to Tai Wo Hau Children's Home, Salvation Army showing care and love to the children.

In February 2008, CMHI donated RMB 500,000 dollars to victims of snowstorms in Weining County, in where China Merchants Group has been designated to help the impoverished. The employees from CMHI and its affiliates voluntarily donated altogether more than 4,000 clothes and stationery.

In 2006, Hempel-Hai Hong (China) contributed 2 million via J. C. Hempel Fund to help the orphans who lost their parents after South Asia Tsunami. The donation was used for building the SOS Children’s Village and served as an emergency relief fund for Unicef.


Since 2004, China Merchants Group has established “Company Day” with a view to enhancing cohesiveness and building up a corporate image that have formed a crucial part of our corporate culture. Through a series of “Company Day” programmes, we hope to foster a brand new corporate culture within the Company that can be regarded as an important step forward in bringing future prosperity for the Group.


The theme of China Merchants Port “Company Day 2017” was “Inheritance and Development”, which aims to guide and inspire employees to adhere to the China Merchants core values,  to write into new chapters with China Merchants’ spirit accumulated a  century-long, and aim to be a world-class comprehensive port service provider.

Chairman’s Speech

Dr. Fu Yuning pointed out in the work report of China Merchants Group 2009 entitled Increase core competitiveness in adversity as follows,“Rooted in adversity, grew in turbulence and formed in difficulties, this is, China Merchants. Over the past 130 years of development, we have faced enormous challenges whereas we have strived continuously to get over the challenges. The unremitting effort made has ultimately formed one of the most crucial parts of China Merchants’ culture. Today, though we are facing new challenges, but we still treasure it and hope the same spirit can be last and put into practice.

At the same time, we have to place emphasis on corporate culture that shows mutual concerns, in particular of a difficult period. A corporate should try its best to provide a stable workplace environment for employees; the employees in turn should be able to understand the difficulties that the corporate may have. We stress not only the culture of “We build, we share”, but also “ We share, we shoulder”. The “Shoulder Culture” can be presented in various forms, such as every employee proactively shoulders his or her own responsibility or every unit consciously takes into account of the external environment during severe economic downturn. In 2009, the main theme of China Merchants Group’s Company Day is “Shoulder our responsibilities”. The theme should run through the corporate culture building initiatives this year by a variety of effective means, forming a unique “Shoulder Culture” in the Group.”