Grand Award of Terminal Operator of the Year awarded by Containerization International


·"China top ten robust ports enterprise" and "China top ten leading social responsibility institution"

·Jianhua, who was awarded "China top ten influential figures"

·Best deal

·2013 - China's top ten learning type enterprise


·The best overseas enterprises

·The most influence overseas listed companies award


·Hong Kong environmental excellence in energy saving, sign 2008/09 good (level)

·Excellent prize for environmental achievement certificate, 2008 Hong Kong industry and commerce

·Show concern in the business,

·Environmental excellence in transportation and logistics industry, Hong Kong outstanding award

·Advanced collective,


·Information and communication science award, 2007, Hong Kong

·Bronze award, best uninterrupted network

·The award for the best business systems (application), the excellent prize

·Show concern in the business,

·Environmental excellence initiative, Hong Kong waste reduction logo 2008/09 good (level)

·2007 China top ten port container terminal

·EPC/RFID application award gold medal

·EPC/RFID application, the most creative awards bronze award

·Scientific and technological progress second prize

·Dr., chairman of the board Fu Yuning won the "2008 annual Asia supply chain the most visionary award"

·Comprehensive service, the best the container terminal company top ten enterprises

·2004-2008, Lufthansa cargo quality award

·To obtain high and new technology enterprise certificate


·Best service award for 2006

·The journal environmental council, the standing director unit

·Outstanding 2006 year China port container ship loading and unloading efficiency of the pier

·2006 China top ten port container terminal

·Advanced management serves the society superior unit

·Continue to improve safety management confirmed plans certificate of the third stage


·In 2006, the most influential ten big overseas listed companies in China

·In the world's largest 2000 listed companies, rankings, ranked 1654th

Water transport engineering quality prize, 2005 the ministry of communications (shekou container terminal phase ii hydraulic and road depot project)

Central enterprises, a learning team

·2005 China top ten port container terminal

· 2005 year China port potential container terminal

·the 2006 annual national silver medal of quality engineering (shekou container terminal phase ii hydraulic and road depot project)


Outstanding freight handling in 2004-2005