CMPort helds the closing ceremony of Fall 2018 China Merchants C Blue Training Program
and C Blue “Belt & Road” Innovation and Development Collaboration Forum



Release time:2018-11-16



CMPort helds the closing ceremony of Fall 2018 China Merchants C Blue Training Program

and C Blue “Belt & Road” Innovation and Development Collaboration Forum

On 15 November 2018, the closing ceremony of the Fall 2018 China Merchants C Blue Training Program” ( “C Blue Training Program”) was held at the China Merchants Port Building in China Shekou, 27 trainees from 11 countries on 4 continents successfully completed all the courses and honourably obtained the diploma.

At the closing ceremony, the trainees received their first certificate in China. They were very excited and thanked the organizers of the China Merchants Charitable Foundation (“CMCF”) , China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited (“CMPort”) and Tianjin University for their thoughtful arrangements. During this month, they not only harvested professional knowledge, but also broadened their horizons. They visited many cities to experience the vitality of China's economy and society and explored China's developing strategies. They have a deeper and clearer understanding on their self-improvement and national development.

Mr. Chu Zongsheng, Assistant General Manager of China Merchants Group (“CMG”) and Director of CMCF, spoke highly of the C Blue Training Program. He believes that “Shaping Blue Dreams Together” is an overseas public welfare brand jointly created by CMCF and CMPort. It reflects the profound and inclusive culture of CMG and conveys the hope that CMG will achieve win-win cooperation with all countries and create mutual benefits and innovations.

Dr. Bai Jingtao, Managing Director of CMPort, wishes that the trainees of the C Blue Training Program will bring the “China Impression” back to their countries and set up a bridge of mutual trust between the two countries when they return to their home. He stated “We Connect the World” is the mission of the CMPort, and we are willing to work together with partners from all over the world to promote innovation, promote development through self-improvement, promote mutual benefit through integration, and achieve common success. This is also the fundamental intention of the CMPort “C Blue training program”.

Mr. Li Qiang, Secretary of the School of International Education of Tianjin University, first congratulated the successful completion of the C Blue Trainees. He stated that Tianjin University wishes to cooperate with CMCF, CMPort and friends from all over the world to create a fertile field for cultivating international talents, to promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding between Chinese and other civilizations, as well as the development of countries along the “Belt and Road”.

Sharil, a trainee from Malaysia, spoke on behalf of all the trainees in C Blue Training Program. He said that this program used a variety of methods to benefit the participants. We were amazed and impressed at how far China has come in terms of development, innovation and technology in a short period of time. China has such prosperity now because Chinese is modest in their speech but exceeds in their action. He was deeply influenced by President Xi Jinping's view at the Shanghai Expo.  “In the world of deepening economic globalization, practices of the law of the jungle and the winners takes all only represent a dead end, but all flowers in full blossom make a beautiful spring”. He is looking forward to the arrival of “spring”."

Subsequently, the closing ceremony entered into a warm moment. All the trainees sang the Chinese song "Mo Li Hua" together, and in the melodious singing, they reviewed all the memories and the study life in China.

On the same day, the C Blue “Belt and Road” Innovation & Development Collaboration Forum hosted together by CMPort and Iport was successfully held.

The forum is divided into three main topics: keynote speech, forum discussion, and summary speech. Mr. Zhang Guohua, Chief Engineer of the National Development and Reform Commission City Center and the dean of the National Land Transportation Planning Institute, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Belt and Road and the Transformation of the Port and City”. Zhang Guohua said that in the process of the rise of global supply chains, super cities and new commercial civilizations, the interconnection infrastructure represented by ports is a strategic facility that breaks the boundaries of traditional geography and plays an important role for winning competitiveness.

The second keynote speaker was Mr. Li Hongwu, General Manager of China Southern Operations Center of CMPort and General Manager of Shekou Container Terminal. In his speech on “Charting a win-win maritime silk road together”, he said that China Merchants' overseas comprehensive development of “Port-Park-City”or PPC model is a beneficial attempt for industrial chain innovation. He believes that CMPort is deeply rooted in Maritime silk road port, committed to diversified cooperation and cultural integration, and treats partners with frankness so as to ultimately achieve a win-win situation.

Mr. Zhuang Liang, founder and CEO of E Commodity Exchange Limited, is a practical expert who has been deeply involved in Africa for many years. In his speech entitled “Looking at the Belt and Road Development Opportunities from the Business Model of China Merchants Wutong”, he described the current situation of the international small-scale agricultural products platform, and believed that only by solving the upstream and downstream pain points in the industry and forming a mature supply chain service closed-loop will achieve a complete industry optimization and realise smooth trade.

During the seminar, experts from the Ministry of Transport, Drewry, Tianjin University, CMPort and other organizations and C Blue trainees debates on topics regarding “whether the Chinese business model can be copied and used”, “in addition to construction funds, what do we need from China”, and “We Connect the world, from cooperation and friendship to building a better future”".

After the forum, Mr. Li Yubin, Deputy General Manager of CMPort, said in his concluding remarks: “More than a thousand years ago, the famous Chinese poet Wang Bo wrote the famous poem "The memory of the sea, the neighbours of the world.” Today, CMPort takes “We Connect the World” as its mission and is willing to work with partners from all over the world to open a new development space. He also wishes that together with the parties involved in the construction of maritime silk road port, we will share the new standard and achievements for the construction of ports in order to bring greater economic benefits to the people along “Belt and Road”.

The success of the 2018 C Blue Training Program further enhanced the influence of CMG in the countries along the “Belt and Road” and better explained the corporate mission of CMPort’s “We Connect the World”. At the same time, it has also deepened cooperation with Tianjin University. The successful holding of the C Blue “Belt and Road” Innovation Development & Collaboration Forum puts forward the opportunities and challenges faced by China in the process of going global, and discusses with the trainees to effectively pass the “Chinese business card” to the trainees in the countries along the “Belt and Road”.