Fall 2018 China Merchants C Blue Training Program
Held Its Opening Ceremony in Tianjin



Release time:2018-10-23



Fall 2018 China Merchants C Blue Training Program 

Held Its Opening Ceremony in Tianjin

On 22 October 2018, the Fall 2018 China Merchants C Blue training program (“C Blue 2018 Fall”) held its grand opening ceremony in China Tianjin. The programme is sponsored by China Merchants Charitable Foundation and organized by China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited (“CMPort”) in conjunction with Tianjin University. 27 trainees from 11 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and South America were invited to the ceremony, which marks the beginning of their one-month professional training in Tianjin, Beijing and Shenzhen. Deputy General Manger of CMPort Mr. Yan Gang and Director of the Publicity Department of Tianjin University Mr. Jia Qijun attended and delivered speeches at the event alongside with other officials. Dean of the School of International Education of Tianjin University Professor Chen Zhihua, hosted the opening ceremony.

Mr. Yan Gang said “There is a very long relationship between China Merchants Group (“CMG”)and Tianjin. Mr. Sheng Xuan Huai, who served as the supervisor of CMG in its early days,is also the founder of “Tianjin Beiyang Western Study Academy” in 1895. “Tianjin Beiyang Western Study Academy” is the predecessor of Tianjin University. CMG and Tianjin University have never stopped on their journey of talent cultivation,CMG is a century-old enterprise that has been tasked with revitalizing China’s national shipping industry,CMPort adhere to the mission of “We Connect The World”, intends to help the countries along the “Belt and Road” and cultivate more talents in the port and shipping industry. "

The trainees will not only study the World's most advanced management knowledge and experience, but will also discuss and learn about the latest shipping industry trends through field trips and company visits. At the same time, they will also embrace the charm of traditional Chinese culture, and witness the economic and social prosperity of China." Mr. Yan Gang further emphasised.

Mr. Jia Qijun warmly greeted the 27 trainees from four different continents, and expressed his gratitude for CMG's’ faith in and support towards Tianjin university. He also emphasised the campus philosophy of “Values the Pursuit of Truth and Prioritizes Diligence”, which is appreciated domestically and internationally. As the co-organizer of the C Blue 2018 fall, Tianjin University wishes to work closely with CMG and their foreign guests to cultivate international talent, provide countries along the “Maritime Silk road” with sufficient training resources, promote cultural exchange, and facilitate the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

On behalf of the C Blue trainee,Anderson Prehs from Brazil said “Nowadays, logistics facilitation and collaboration between multiple countries face new challenges. International cooperation and resource sharing is essential if we are aiming to achieve rapid expansion, cost reduction and long-term efficient logistics. In the next 30 days, I wish all the trainees here can share our feelings and experiences, foster friendships and create opportunities through the programme."

With common cause and goal, 27 trainees will be lectured by various senior experts from port and shipping industry in Tianjin University. Meanwhile, they will also attend a wide range of cultural activities in Beijing and Shenzhen, as well as field visits to Shekou Container Terminal and China Merchants Bonded Logistics. After one month of engaging and meaningful training, we hope the program has sowed valuable seeds in our trainees’ hearts that will develop and flourish in all corners of the world.